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eargasmic music – CNTH x KNOWxONE: KNOWxONE’s Business

October 28, 2008

i’ve been blasting this music for hours, and i haven’t got tired of any of these tracks. they are all fire, and it needs to be bumped in that i-tunes rotation pretty quickly. click on the album art to bless yaself.



October 9, 2008

i checked my checkings account today and i hit a low of $161.72. wow! the public should not be alarmed, i have been spending money like a mad man trying to help pull the United States out of this current state of a recession that we seem to be falling into. not quite sure if it’s actually helping the economy, but it sure as hell isn’t helping me boost my funds.

i thought i had a critical bankroll, evidently not. therefore this song does not apply to people in my situation…


pharrell-ism? [video]

October 7, 2008

pharrell is schooling bamas on what’s real. listen up!