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night in the city

July 24, 2009
i got love for the city manee

i got love for the city manee

i’ve never really showed appreciation for the “city” known more frequently as baltimore. i’ve always expressed displeasure with baltimore for their extreme roughness, extreme crack usership-ness, and extreme slang that no one can comprehend, i never tried to understand it really. but this past summer, i’ve been in/around the city more than ever, and i love it manee. i’ve met the wildest people known to the globe in the city, just how they live life is great. they don’t waste a second to get a thrill.

i don’t know what exactly i tried to hate about baltimore, maybe its cause i’m just a DC enthusiast to the fullest, who knows. but i have a greater appreciation for the city now, it’s never sleeping (f*ck NYC), always something to do, always someone to talk to, it ain’t dyin’ manee. i used to strictly experience baltimore through The Wire, ranking as one of the best urban television series to hit HBO and to my surprise, the show portrays exactly how the inner-city of baltimore is, no joke. i’ve seen sh!t go down, and it goes down dogg. i’ve tried to shake off, failure. i’ve tried to comprehend their unique lingo, near fail. and i’m still tryna paint a map of the inner-city streets in my mind, and its going pretty well.

but real talk, i think i love the city, and i’m not losing any type of love for DC- i can get to my two favorite cities off one road 95! whoaa we outcheaa!


new scoops 10/08.

October 8, 2008

haven’t showed the public what i’ve gotten over the past couple of weeks, in preparation for many events including: the harsh weather and the presidential elections of ’08.

o-face tee x crooks and castles tee x SB purple avengers x the hundreds 5panel x supreme knitted


my life is stacked.

September 7, 2008

sorry guys, i have to apologize for the lack of posts on the blog. but i’m out here grinding getting back into school-mode and such, learning how to conjugate french verbs and decipher math problems, kinda like this mathematical proof-

who begs to differ?

my classes are stacking me with amounts of homework and studying that i couldn’t imagine a high schooler could even do, it’s rough out here, real rough. the story of my junior year. but you already know i’m living a rigirous life, truly.
pretty much my daily routine: school – club meeting (whichever i have recently joined) – track workouts – gym – homework/study – sleep hard. and i need to keep my money game on point so i’m working weekends trying to get stacks on deck like my man soulja boy, females love the initials.


8.23.08 [nyc excursion]

August 23, 2008

throughout this whole summer my money has been running away from me and in return i have received some crazy products, but i must say i had a very productive trip to NYC yesterday. i asked many people for the best shops in manhattan and i promptly tried to visit them all but was unable to, but the shops i did end up going to were great: flightclub ny, supreme [had nothing for me], nort/recon, clientele, premium laces, uniqlo,  and union. all those stores had something great to offer and i tried to leave a mark at each one by either scooping a tee or snatching a sticker for my laptop. but i left new york yesterday with great products: nike air structure triax ’91s, subware tees [recon], a clientele tee, a kingstampede tee [union] and then stickers from supreme and recon. as shown below-
wow. i gotta show love for NYC because the area is great, it’s such a vibrant city, i need it in my life real soon for take #2 of NYC excursion.
new york is me [random pics]-


8.21.08 update [aimless ramble]

August 21, 2008

i haven’t updated the blog in a while with my daily thoughts or actions so i thought i’d just ramble aimlessly about things that pop in my head constantly. everything that i have thought of in the last couple of days will be in the post and anyone that can relate to anything that is said just leave a comment because i need feedback real bad to show that i actually have an audience lol. let’s get it cracking!

first of all i must say that usain bolt is something like a monster, a track-monster. he eats up the track like there’s nothing to it, truly… nothing to it. check his face, check his attitude before and after the races, he’s a cocky dude but he has a reason to be. he’s great, slashing two world records [100m + 200m] in a single olympics and he’s prolly going for a third gold medal and world record in the men’s 4x100m, stay tuned for this guy really. since we are on the topic of track or olympics, i must give a huge shout-out to LoLo Jones, my fiance, who was bound to break the world record in the 100m hurdles but faltered on the 2nd to last hurdle which cost her a medal as well as that world record time, i think i love her. before i leave the topic of the olympics i have to say something about Michael Phelps, aka the biggest celebrity on facebook [be a fan of him real quick!] he made history. and then i have a new found respect for volleyball players, that sport is great, so i’ll need everyone to look up May and Walsh, the dynamic female duo.

another thing that’s been on my mind is the need to have a guy like this in my life-
well when i am able to achieve that six-figure, moneymaker plan. every celebrity has something special, like some insane type of dog, or a pony, or something intense. me, i want a panda, just because it’s cute and fuzzy and i need it on a leash at all times cause i’m not sure how they respond to people. i’m unsure if i am able to purchase one of these, but if not i’ll just smuggle one from china.

i just had my last day of work, and i feel a bit relieved. no need to wake up early in the morning just to deal with badass children, but in turn i have to get ready for school and officially get into school-mode. i have a goal: to get a 3.6 GPA, join all extra-curricular activities, and excel on the track. i need all those things to happen for me to be pleased with myself. and i’m also trying to be the most diversely fashioned dude in howard county, i sh!t you not. so i’m going to purchase all sneakers in my sight as well as tees and denims. i need it all! i can’t fail my people, so i’m going to NYC for the day tomorrow just to scoop everything it has to offer to me. i’ll throw up pics and everything tomorrow if i take any.

that’s not all the rambling i had for you, but it’s probably all that you can take at one sitting so i figured i’d just there because this entry can be considered REAL weak.
[btw i need everyone to check this video out- Parenting Goes Horribly Wrong it was just too intense for me to embed in the blog so i need you guys to watch at least the first 15 seconds the rest is self-explanatory and i need thoughts on it fast.]


the perfect plan – [operation: get it big!]

August 8, 2008

i am a small man, as well as a lazy man. and i need this to change immediately, and if i’m going to be short for the rest of my life i need to be cock diesel. i need to have something the girls will crave over, i need muscles like mr. incredible. so i have developed the perfect [health and fitness] plan that should get me looking like this kid in a couple of months, possibly years.

i need all that, minus(-) the split. i don’t know that guy’s name nor his region, but he is going to be somewhat of my role-model until i can walk on the beach or at the pool and have all eyes on me. i need to be a show stopper and with this newly formed plan i should get there. here me out: minimum of 3 days a week at the gym, no matter what gym, 150 sit-ups a day, attempt to at least eat one well balanced meal a day, and chop my sugar-intake by narrowing myself to two sodas a week [a week being 7 days]. by this time next year i need to be huge!

before information- height: 5.7 weight: 140 max. bench press: 165 [on a good day]
i need to boost all these numbers!

that’s my before picture, i’m anticipating an impeccable transformation.

i’m going to update this particular post every 3 months to give my audience updates on my progress and to make sure i don’t slack, but i need everyone’s support! i will be eating nutrigrain bars until my kidneys pop, i’m going to have intense protein shakes, i’m going to eat anything to keep my diet on point. i will be at my local gym cranking out all weights so my body looks great while it glistens in sweat, feel meh?

this perfect plan will commence on August 11, 2008. August 18, 2008.


The Opening…

August 2, 2008

it’s your boyy shay, back in the flesh. making a take-two on the blog scene, i wasn’t totally appreciative or even proud of my work on got fresh? – the blog. so i wanted to start from scratch, from the ground up, heres the clean slate of the IN-crowd. let’s roll into the topic of this new name the IN-crowd, well rewind to about 3 or 4 years ago when we were all in elementary/middle school phase of life trying to be part of that spectacular IN-crowd, but why? why did we aspire so much to be part of that group when our lives were perfectly fit the way they were, we were cool in our own way: collected pokemon cards, ate our sandwiches with no crust, and wore our power ranger light-up, velcro-strapped kickz with no complaints. why did we want to change for the benefit of our peers? well i’m not quite sure but i felt it necessary to incorporate all my viewers in this feeling of being in, no matter their status in life…

now that we have the name out of the way, let’s get into me, shay. some words to describe me by: [student]-[enthusiast]-[charming]-[intellectual]. feel free to agree or disagree, but that’s me in a few words

here is my blog, an internet recording of my daily thoughts on practically anything.