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the love bomb.

August 5, 2008

to set the mood…

every young man and woman will eventually reach this landmark in their individual relationships, the love bomb. it will either bring the loved-strucked kids closer or brutally break them apart, but the decision lies within the palms of their hands. i was put on by my own girl to throw this post up because i never say the l-word, i simply don’t f*ck with that phrase. i’m not quite sure if this phrase may break my relationship, but it will most likely break my persona down, since i am something like a character. back in the day i didn’t care much about the word love, i threw it at girls like the department of health throwing condoms in DC and i kept that million-dollar smile on for that occassion, kinda like this one

[whats funny?] but truly i call it the love bomb, not really inspired by one of the greatests hits created by N.E.R.D., but because of the bomb-part. this word causes too many problems in too many relationships, it’s essentially an explosive. people think it’s cute to say it to there loved one, they think it makes the relationship stronger. nozr. it spreads the supposed lovers further apart, after having to say this word they start thinking about the future, and if they can really deal with this person for the rest of their lives, hell, if they can even deal with this person in their next phase of life. i sure as hell can’t deal with the word, you’ll have me thinking i was stuck in a relationship like my manz from knocked up!

i have nothing against people who use the word, if it’s truly how they feel, but why should a person get forced into something they aren’t ready for. ideologically if you love someone, then it’s a wrap on your relationship life…i’m 16 and i don’t want to wrap anything up yet, i’m too young! if i like you, i like you… no need for all that mushy-gushy old couple sh!t, no need for that love bomb, at all. there’s no room for that here, my dear. but let’s look into the definition of love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. that definition right there already has me acting foolish, it’s just way too deep for me. i can’t fade it!

let’s bring it back to that picture i have on top, this is kinda how i feel when i’m approached by the word. just unsure of everything, do i really feel this way back, could i ever feel this way back? just simple questions that bring upon indepth thought, feel me. but the worst part in this phase of love is rejection. how do you react to this rejection or how do you really reject…what happens after the rejection? after the rejection the relationship can go nowhere but down under, it’s a seal on the relationship…you will be done shortly, the bomb part. i feel that i have expressed enough why the l-word is seen as bomb, just decide whether you are ready to take on the baggage that comes with the word, recheck that definition and see if you feel that way.

[to go along with the official post comes the official mixtape…blast-off mixtape, vol.3: love bomb]
remember… love kills!