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8.21.08 update [aimless ramble]

August 21, 2008

i haven’t updated the blog in a while with my daily thoughts or actions so i thought i’d just ramble aimlessly about things that pop in my head constantly. everything that i have thought of in the last couple of days will be in the post and anyone that can relate to anything that is said just leave a comment because i need feedback real bad to show that i actually have an audience lol. let’s get it cracking!

first of all i must say that usain bolt is something like a monster, a track-monster. he eats up the track like there’s nothing to it, truly… nothing to it. check his face, check his attitude before and after the races, he’s a cocky dude but he has a reason to be. he’s great, slashing two world records [100m + 200m] in a single olympics and he’s prolly going for a third gold medal and world record in the men’s 4x100m, stay tuned for this guy really. since we are on the topic of track or olympics, i must give a huge shout-out to LoLo Jones, my fiance, who was bound to break the world record in the 100m hurdles but faltered on the 2nd to last hurdle which cost her a medal as well as that world record time, i think i love her. before i leave the topic of the olympics i have to say something about Michael Phelps, aka the biggest celebrity on facebook [be a fan of him real quick!] he made history. and then i have a new found respect for volleyball players, that sport is great, so i’ll need everyone to look up May and Walsh, the dynamic female duo.

another thing that’s been on my mind is the need to have a guy like this in my life-
well when i am able to achieve that six-figure, moneymaker plan. every celebrity has something special, like some insane type of dog, or a pony, or something intense. me, i want a panda, just because it’s cute and fuzzy and i need it on a leash at all times cause i’m not sure how they respond to people. i’m unsure if i am able to purchase one of these, but if not i’ll just smuggle one from china.

i just had my last day of work, and i feel a bit relieved. no need to wake up early in the morning just to deal with badass children, but in turn i have to get ready for school and officially get into school-mode. i have a goal: to get a 3.6 GPA, join all extra-curricular activities, and excel on the track. i need all those things to happen for me to be pleased with myself. and i’m also trying to be the most diversely fashioned dude in howard county, i sh!t you not. so i’m going to purchase all sneakers in my sight as well as tees and denims. i need it all! i can’t fail my people, so i’m going to NYC for the day tomorrow just to scoop everything it has to offer to me. i’ll throw up pics and everything tomorrow if i take any.

that’s not all the rambling i had for you, but it’s probably all that you can take at one sitting so i figured i’d just there because this entry can be considered REAL weak.
[btw i need everyone to check this video out- Parenting Goes Horribly Wrong it was just too intense for me to embed in the blog so i need you guys to watch at least the first 15 seconds the rest is self-explanatory and i need thoughts on it fast.]


artist spotlight – janelle monáe

August 7, 2008

as part of my ambition to give my audience the scoop and update the community with anything worth noting, i have started this series of posts that introduces rising artists, no matter their genre. i want to throw out the best of the best that seem to be on their constant grind when it comes to their craft; therefore, they deserve to be recognized and encouraged.

with that being said i feel i should debut the series with this futuristic eargasmic female that goes by the name of janelle monáe. she’s not like the rest of the current female r&b artists, or whatever genre she may seem to claim [afro-punk], she attempts to take a different approach to her music. just being genuine with how she feels and what she does, her music tells stories! mr. wayne may claim to be a martian, but this chick, janelle, is naturally out of this world…and let me tell you how. she imagines, yes she imagines, an alternate universe in which robots fall in love with humans.

“Suspend disbelief for a moment, as you’re dropped mid-pursuit into a soaring sci-fi soundtrack. The lush orchestration experiments with elements of musical theater, funk and the dirty south. At one moment, Monáe’s voice takes on the metallic trill of Shirley Bassey, the next she’s an ethereal siren, followed by a bluesy soothsayer. “No alter ego for me, this android definitely exists,” says Monáe of Cindi Mayweather, the heroine of The Chase. Mayweather, she explains, is an “Alpha Platinum 9000 android.” She is on the run because she’s fallen in love with a human being, a situation that is verboten in the future landscape of Metropolis.” –

that is pretty much how ms. monáe imagines her make-belief world that she has used throughout her life. this young lady grew up in kansas city, kansas with her family but her childhood faced rough times due to her drug addicted father. there were certain periods in her life when her family struggled which were reasons why ms. monáe felt like creating her own perplexed world in a different realm and when things didn’t go her way in the big apple she packed her bags and flew to the netherlands. however, she eventually landed herself in the a where she felt she could start a movement in the area where her chief role models, outkast, started their own careers. *and of late 2007, ms. monáe had signed with diddy’s bad boy records, diddy saying it was a huge move!* but i feel janelle most definitely on trying to start over, to live life differently, as i onced imagined and using this unique angle in her music has landed her in front of me. i don’t even remember who or what put me onto janelle monáe but i’m glad they did it because she will be a name to know in a few years, mark me on it. her voice is soothing, she sings a story, and you can’t hate her cause what she does is admirable. i had her laying around in my itunes for too long and one day i had an instant eargasm, i then realized that i had to become a janelle monáe enthusiast, pronto! so i’m throwing up some loosies and her debut album, the audition.

*update 08.07.08: my man supanovi put me on and i realized i should throw you guys her first suite [part] of the chase – Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase. she came up with this idea to be able to throw consistent fire towards the itunes community by giving a little bit of something to keep her audience in awe and be ready for the next suite and on august 12 the chase (special edition) will be released, so stay tuned for that*

listen up! [cindi – party girl – my favorite nothing]

Janelle Monáe’s The Audition


living life differently.

August 6, 2008

it’s a wish we all hope for at one point or another, to live life differently. to rewind our life just by a few minutes, or hours, and just alter something minor that could affect something major. but what if you could change your whole history, your whole life. just being able to say “you know what i’m done with this life scenario, let’s move on to something new and get a fresh start.” if only they had some type of baked beans that could just reset my life, you know.

but if i had my choice of living a totally different life i’d have hoped to be edward scissorhands.
before you start asking me serious questions like “how do you have an even faint recollection of such a character?” man let me tell you that mr. scissorhands was a great guy! he was an oddball, but nonetheless the man was a legend, he had no hands; however, he had scissors in there place. scissors for hands, yah that’s great, how was he even able to live life for that long! i’d take it anyday, minus certain scenarios that you guys may venture on for yourselves, but i somehow remember that the guy even had different sets of knives or tools that he could just interlock into his non-existent hands, or was that just one of my many dreams? this guy edward scissorhands was beast-like, had the shy-guy mentality that drove the chicks wild and had that creepy background persona that had him placed as an outcast. check that face, it’s priceless, no girl with a heart could refuse to love him [no brokeback, rip heath]. and that body suit, oh gawd it’s necessary! it’s like a michael jackson re-up dream jacket seen at almost every one of his major concerts or events, i love it, i love it, i love it!

i won’t lie, i don’t remember half the plot of the movie or anything like it. i’m searching through IMDb and wikipedia as i type this to recall some major events in the story… okay so i can pretty much narrow the plot down to he was hated by most, but maintained a stable fan club of women. that is all i need, a few haters to ensure that i’m doing me at all costs all too perfectly as well as an intense fan club compromised of a select few.

it’s just a daily thought, something that was picking at my brain.