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john mccain, dr.evil?

October 28, 2008

in light of the upcoming election, i thought i’d shine some light on some of my thoughts of john mccain. by all means, i’m a moderate and have both conservative and liberal views, but i have to side with my dude obama on this election of ’08. however, recently i’ve come to see john mccain and dr. evil possessing strikingly similar characteristics.

their resemblance is impeccable, haha.

but the next time you’re on your political movement grind, listen out for mccain’s voice and tell me it doesn’t sound like dr. evil off austin powers. he was dogged numerously by mr. powers, as mccain should get next tuesday. so i’m gonna need all those legal adults to get out there and make sure their voice is heard, yepp.

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top 5 villains, or evil-guys!

August 3, 2008

after watching batman: the dark knight [rip heath], i can no longer sympathize for the heroes or their cause. why do they repeatedly do what they do when another villain will easily arise to the scene, it’s because they want to protect the public, but why? why must they protect the public when the public itself is a villain, who knows! but i feel that it is necessary to call out the top 5 villains, or evil-guys that i have seen to be off-the-wall, bare in mind that i don’t necessarily like all these villains, i’m just naming the best of ’em for their partaking in actions of evil.

*note: please don’t forget i am only a ’90s baby so i couldn’t experience the best or worsts of the ’70s or ’80s, i came up with the best villains i have experienced in one way or another.

number(5) rita repulsa.
the name may sound weird, but we all know who she is, check the chick on the left side and you will easily be reminded! this lady was relentless, everytime the superb ranger crew thought the city was safe and just tried to live their lives in high school, ms. rita repulsa would throw out more doll-sized monsters than the barbie industry. my man tommy could only do so much but rita repulsa was just unstoppable, every time she failed she just put on more unheard monsters… simply, the rangers had it tough, word to zordon!

number(4) darth vader.
you already knew this one was coming, how could i have a compiled list of villains without one of the greatests? so great that george lucas dedicated a whopping six movies examining his life’s story. darth vader, or young anakin skywalker was a bitter boy, he searched for hope to save his darling love to no avail. his cold heart sought revenge by attempting to take over the galaxy with his monumental death star; however, his chief nemisis obi wan kanobi had become mentor to his son, luke who would bring him to his demise. you can’t hate darth vader because it was all out of love, betraying his own mentors and what not. if there is a person to blame, it’s the woman! it has even been mathematically proven that women are the root of all evil.

number(3) warden samuel norton.
warden samuel norton, the evil-guy of the shawshank redemption, presumably one of the best movies ever created as said by IMDb. this guy feigned to be andy dufresne’s buddy by giving him specific privileges that were unheard of by the other inmates, but as pleasant as he seemed he was the defector in andy’s revivial back into the mainstream community. he is a bad man, worse than both ms. rita repulsa and darth vader! but you probably can’t relate to what i’m saying unless you’ve seen the movie, so get to it pronto!

number(2) joker.
oh my gawd. the joker from batman has always been seen as a legendary villain because he was simply a joker. everything he did was connected to a joke in the comic/cartoon series, it was outstanding. but the things he did in the latest release of batman was ultimately a form of greatness. he claimed to be like a stray dog in traffic, just making decisions based on the last second lived in life. i’m not sure about all that, but he put on a show from the first scene to the ending of the movie. some times you just have to loosen up and ask yourself “why so serious?

number(1) sean archer/ castor troy.
i was put on to this movie last thanksgiving and it was action-packed. the twist was absolutely insane, the villain and the hero switched faces. the original hero is an FBI agent whose child has been killed by the villain and to stop the villain from committing many more acts of horror he actually switches faces with him while he is in a coma. the great movie it being, the villain wakes up from the coma and doesn’t like what the man has done. well you watch the movie and see what happens, but i guarantee you will love it, two villains-two heroes? what’s not to love!

honorable mentions: Dr. Evil, Austin Powers. Green Goblin, Spiderman. Jigsaw, Saw. Agent Smith, Matrix. Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.