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my life is stacked.

September 7, 2008

sorry guys, i have to apologize for the lack of posts on the blog. but i’m out here grinding getting back into school-mode and such, learning how to conjugate french verbs and decipher math problems, kinda like this mathematical proof-

who begs to differ?

my classes are stacking me with amounts of homework and studying that i couldn’t imagine a high schooler could even do, it’s rough out here, real rough. the story of my junior year. but you already know i’m living a rigirous life, truly.
pretty much my daily routine: school – club meeting (whichever i have recently joined) – track workouts – gym – homework/study – sleep hard. and i need to keep my money game on point so i’m working weekends trying to get stacks on deck like my man soulja boy, females love the initials.


8.21.08 update [aimless ramble]

August 21, 2008

i haven’t updated the blog in a while with my daily thoughts or actions so i thought i’d just ramble aimlessly about things that pop in my head constantly. everything that i have thought of in the last couple of days will be in the post and anyone that can relate to anything that is said just leave a comment because i need feedback real bad to show that i actually have an audience lol. let’s get it cracking!

first of all i must say that usain bolt is something like a monster, a track-monster. he eats up the track like there’s nothing to it, truly… nothing to it. check his face, check his attitude before and after the races, he’s a cocky dude but he has a reason to be. he’s great, slashing two world records [100m + 200m] in a single olympics and he’s prolly going for a third gold medal and world record in the men’s 4x100m, stay tuned for this guy really. since we are on the topic of track or olympics, i must give a huge shout-out to LoLo Jones, my fiance, who was bound to break the world record in the 100m hurdles but faltered on the 2nd to last hurdle which cost her a medal as well as that world record time, i think i love her. before i leave the topic of the olympics i have to say something about Michael Phelps, aka the biggest celebrity on facebook [be a fan of him real quick!] he made history. and then i have a new found respect for volleyball players, that sport is great, so i’ll need everyone to look up May and Walsh, the dynamic female duo.

another thing that’s been on my mind is the need to have a guy like this in my life-
well when i am able to achieve that six-figure, moneymaker plan. every celebrity has something special, like some insane type of dog, or a pony, or something intense. me, i want a panda, just because it’s cute and fuzzy and i need it on a leash at all times cause i’m not sure how they respond to people. i’m unsure if i am able to purchase one of these, but if not i’ll just smuggle one from china.

i just had my last day of work, and i feel a bit relieved. no need to wake up early in the morning just to deal with badass children, but in turn i have to get ready for school and officially get into school-mode. i have a goal: to get a 3.6 GPA, join all extra-curricular activities, and excel on the track. i need all those things to happen for me to be pleased with myself. and i’m also trying to be the most diversely fashioned dude in howard county, i sh!t you not. so i’m going to purchase all sneakers in my sight as well as tees and denims. i need it all! i can’t fail my people, so i’m going to NYC for the day tomorrow just to scoop everything it has to offer to me. i’ll throw up pics and everything tomorrow if i take any.

that’s not all the rambling i had for you, but it’s probably all that you can take at one sitting so i figured i’d just there because this entry can be considered REAL weak.
[btw i need everyone to check this video out- Parenting Goes Horribly Wrong it was just too intense for me to embed in the blog so i need you guys to watch at least the first 15 seconds the rest is self-explanatory and i need thoughts on it fast.]


the INcrowd chronicles: swag.

August 17, 2008

school is right around the corner and i thought i’d throw out a new series, something like a back-to-school special! yep, it’s the INcrowd chronicles putting on the nobodies to be a somebody by spreading my wealth- knowledge. this set of series will aid goons in all aspects of their lives to help them reach that high mark of being a somebody and hopefully allowing them to be able to join that elite group, the INcrowd.

today we will be discussing the matter of swagger, probably one of the most eminent elements of one’s persona. with swag comes style and attitude, which are both quite necessary to become a somebody. if you want to make it out there and be a somebody, you need to have a certain positive mentality, not necessarily a pompous-type, i am the sh!t swag, but something that keeps you on track. keeps you ahead of the game with confidence. you don’t want to be that guy that no one wants around, you need to be part of something epic, you can’t slack. if you want to be in this INcrowd you need to boost your swag sky-high. be calm, collected, and wise with your actions, mimick this guy-
cool fonzworth bentley. with a name like that you can’t be anything but great, hear me out: this guy has distinct crafts which he made adjust to his lifestyle; therefore, his swag is untouchable. making things like keeping an umbrella and violin to his side at all times necessities for life, that’s great.

when i say you need swag you don’t need to be the hotshot, you don’t need to be the best at whatever you do, you just have to make some noise, right? just allow everyone in the room to know that you are present without saying a word. there are certain types of people that are seen as the hotshots and the crème de la crème, but that doesn’t have to be you, nor me. we are in the INcrowd because of our unhidden aura that allows us to glow. it’s necessary, don’t change what you do, just force your actions to adjust to your lifestyle and people will either hate or love you, and embrace your haters. they make you who you are, when you have haters you are doing something big, so open your arms wide and give ’em a huge hug while including that infamous “hi hater!” greeting.

that’s all i have for you today, so be on the lookout for the next part of the INcrowd chronicles, my blessing to the viewers!


six-figure, money-maker.

August 11, 2008

i saw this ferrari today in DC and it made me want to reflect on a lot of things and think about my lifetime goals. the school year is around the corner and i realized that i need to step my game up in life, period. along with getting a high GPA , joining all school clubs, and racking up crazy amounts of community service this year, i threw up a new goal…to be making a minimum of six-figures. i need to live large and the largest people have money to throw around like it’s water. so that’ll be me whether you want it or not, and with money comes fame, so i need to be famous too. be on the lookout for me doing huge things to get an inch closer to fame, we need more black celebrities and for legit reasons, we are losing too many great blacks [rip bernie mac].

during my DC excursion yesterday i realized that i didn’t have the appropriate cashflow to purchase everything that i truly desired. i wasn’t comfortable with that situation at all, it kind of urked me, like those kids at camp. so yett another wonderful plan of mine had emerged to the surface: the six-figure, money-maker blueprint. i’ll be doing everything in my power so i am able to walk in the club looking like that guy and breaking out into this song-
while throwing twenties at the most wholesome looking chicks.

so this is my goal and it needs to be reached by the age of 30, before my hair starts receding, that’s just not cool. however, in order for me to embark on this mission, i need donations from everyone! lol gottem.