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August 9, 2009

i’m back from a 9-day vacation, or something like that. i’ve been across north america, from the south to the midwest (north carolina > georgia > iowa). not a very exciting vacation, but very peaceful and relaxing, i was able to put my eyes on the fastest kids on America, no joke. i’m almost up there, but not quite.

i visited wake forest, loved it.
i had a brief stint in atlanta to see a little wedding, saw some of the southest finest chicks.
then went on a seven day hiatus in the mid-west, in the deadest of dead states- Iowa, lol.

pics from each location:

wake forestyour finest champagne please.they learn early dogg.need some ice for that burn?baseball park


Nando Mcflyy- the video

July 25, 2009

Download- Nando // Super Nike Nando


new to flickr

July 22, 2009

i just got this new camera, thought i’d put it to action today when I could.
my life through pictures of food, let’s go!

secluded in the whip, snackin' very hard

the meal that was crushed in the whip- lunchbreak.

the meal that was crushed in the whip- lunchbreak.

a place i dont want to be stuck in :^|

a place i don't want to be stuck in :^|

my best chick companion

my best chick companion

whats wrong dude?

what's wrong dude?