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interview with DMV rapper- Matt McGhee

August 16, 2009

I had sometime to catch up with local musician champ- Matt McGhee. tried to help the people get the flow of the guy, what he’s all about and what he has to offer you know? so i caught some quick words with him while he was makin’ moves, respect to his grind, and he answered full-heartedly. he recently came out with DMV Girls, which had our side of maryland crazy, peep-

here we go…

Shay: We have a young, emerging artist out of the boondocks. Raised in PG and relocated to Columbia, he’s a full pledged DMV enthusiast. Introduce yourself.
Matt McGhee: My name is Matt McGhee…rapper/producer.
Shay: so Matt McGhee, what do you go by, what’s your musician’s tag?
Matt McGhee: Excuse the delayed responses…I’m mobile right now.
Shay: it’s straight son, moves gotta be made.
Matt McGhee: My musician’s tag is my real name: Matt McGhee!
Shay: haha, keepin’ it original. why do you choose not to go creative and get some type of tag though?
Matt McGhee: I have gone through many stage names…and any other name didn’t seem to fit. So I decided to go by my name. Plus I love my name! Lol
Shay: word. so describe to us, who is “Matt McGhee?”
Matt McGhee: Matt McGhee is a normal goofy teenager from the DMV that loves music and understands that is what he loves to do. It’s mad simple.
Shay: it seems like every artist out here has a story, what’s your story. what comes with you?
Matt McGhee: Good kid…grew up around music…developed an ear for it…and i think i started getting serious about it when i was about 12. There’s not much of a story because i have a good life.
Matt McGhee: Too much complication isn’t good.
Shay: where does music lay in your life son? what is music to you?
Matt McGhee: Music is an expression. You can change people’s mood with music. That’s a powerful thing!
Shay: I hear that you love every aspect of music, which part of the art do you enjoy the most? The producing, writing, beat-making, rapping, what?
Matt McGhee: I enjoy producing a lot because that’s half of the mood changing right there.
Shay: i hear you. you talk about mood changing and how music is a force. so where do you get your artistic inspiration from?
Matt McGhee: I get inspiration from things I go through or what others go through.
Shay: what type of things do you go through my G, get personal with us lmfaoo.
Matt McGhee: Lol a lot of stuff I’ve gone through happened when i was younger. Losing family members. Parents splitting. I was trying to find out who i was.
Matt McGhee: But as i got older…i got more comfortable with being me.
Shay: mos def, mos def.
Shay: so you sample a lot of music, which artist would you compare your own style to?
Matt McGhee: I don’t compare myself to anyone. But people compare me to Kanye and Charles Hamilton. Funny thing is those are two of my favorites. So i guess that’s why.
Shay: haha. so you are a die hard Charles Hamilton fan, but why do you love dude so much? I thought he woulda lost all his respect after homegirl slumped him.
Matt McGhee: Lmao! Ok…he makes good music…his story is mad real(istic) and it’s fun for me to find the songs he samples. It boosts my musical selection a lot
Shay: from Charles Hamilton you came out with your own version of his “Brooklyn Girls” to “DMV Girls,” you had people wildin’ around the DMV with that, explain how you came up with that song.
Matt McGhee: I loved the beat so much that i just kept writing to it. I recorded it not expecting people to love it so much…but i put it out and people loved it!
Matt McGhee: I like mine better than Nando’s though (no disrespect…shout out to Nando!)
Shay: lol, whynotnando.
Shay: but yah mane, everyone was diggin’ the song, respect.
Matt McGhee: Good looks man!
Shay: but when you’re on complete chills, who’s on the iTunes roation?
Matt McGhee: Yes! I was waiting for that question.
Shay: so who is it?
Matt McGhee: Anything and everything! Basically if you name something that’s hot…most likely it’s on the pod!
Matt McGhee: I can tell you what i don’t listen to though! Lol
Shay: haha go ‘head dog.
Matt McGhee: Gucci and OJ type stuff. i don’t like the “trap music” stuff. i listen to it when i’m in that type of mood. but it’s not in rotation…you know?
Shay: whoaa whoaa, you don’t bang with trunk rattle type music son?
Matt McGhee: Yeah i do! But i find that stuff elsewhere.
Shay: haha, feels.
Shay: in your mind, who’s the GOAT of rap?
Matt McGhee: Rakim! Swear.
Shay: whoaa, wasn’t expecting that answer. Why?
Matt McGhee: Rakim helped my develop my flow and my style of rap. I got a kick out of the stuff he talked about and the effects in the music.
Shay: you ain’t never lied!
Shay: Don’t Sweat the Technique haha
Matt McGhee: Him and Big Daddy Kane!
Shay: somethin’ classic, cot damn!
Shay: but people that like your music are a little uneasy with you being somewhat of a “shy guy,” you don’t really like to perform in front of crowds, whzp with that sir?
Matt McGhee: It’s not that i’m shy…it’s the fact that i always find out about stuff late because i’m always in tunnel mode.
Shay: “tunnel mode” – a McGhee classic.
Shay: what the blood is that?
Matt McGhee: Lol when you’re in your own zone. You’re not worried about anything else at the moment.
Shay: so does this mean we’ll never see you on stage?
Matt McGhee: Hell no! I’m gonna work on getting out of the tunnel mode.
Shay: haha good, so maybe we’ll see you with Reckless sometime, another dude from the county that you’ve worked with.
Matt McGhee: He’s doing what he’s doing…I’m doing me. But when we collaborate…we challenge each other. shout out to my middle school buddy Reck…pause
Matt McGhee: Performance together…possible
Shay: that’s cool man, county brothers gotta stand together. there’s no friction there right though?
Matt McGhee: Nah man! I’ve been trying to get started on a collaborative EP with him
Shay: oh shit, you ain’t tryna let the world know that? – an IN crowd exclusive.
Matt McGhee: Lol it’s in the works.
Shay: that’s great! so right now, who’s the truth out of the DMV?
Matt McGhee: Marky, Tabi and Wale are the people i look up to the most right now i guess you can say. They’re making MAJOR moves.
Shay: hell yah, you tellin’ the truth dog. soo where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Matt McGhee: I see myself coming out of college and making moves. Music…video production…writing.
Shay: keeping the artistic dreams alive, that’s good man
Shay: well thanks for doing the interview dogg, you got anything you wanna say- about your upcoming mixtape, collabs, whatever?
Matt McGhee
: Mixtape dropping soon…download the prequel!
Matt McGhee: Shout outs?
Shay: go head!
Matt McGhee: Shout out to the IN Crowd…all my NY peoples… Fresco…Sav…Phony Ppl. Ratchet…
Shay: mos def, good looks man.
Shay: and good luck with the mixtape and your creative passions g.
Matt McGhee: Thanks mane! Keep blessing the net with your blog my man. ~~Matt McGhee~~

hold Matt McGhee down, if you liked that DMV Girls track he released a minute ago download it here- DMV Girls
and make sure you get his In Case You Didn’t Know [Prequel]


artist spotlight: i present you with- Black Violin

July 21, 2009

black violin
wow, a few days ago I was put on to this enthusiastic duo via twitter from an ol’ EXPLO buddy. she simply described them as those “responsible for most sweet backbeats in rap, now coming into their own. check ’em out. 2 dudes with hip hop violins,” i saw that and had no idea what i was getting myself into with this download. however, they were highly recommended and i was getting tweets about them all over the ‘tworld. i tried to analyze her phrase “hip hop violins,” i knew violins were incorporated in many urban type tracks these days, but i hadn’t a clue what a hip-hop violin was, it baffled me.

but as soon as i heard “Fanfare” off their debut album Black Violin, i understood what a hip-hop violin was, it’s a distinct instrument with its own musical flavor that could only be explained through expression, never words.

i checked their site out and looked up their bio, thought i’d let yall know a little about the two- Will B and Kev Marcus.

“On May 21st 2005 Black Violin, two classically trained musicians took home the title ‘2005 Apollo Legends’ which catapulted them to international fame. These two gentlemen, Kev Marcus and Wil B along with their DJ TK have created the ultimate synergy between classical and Hip-Hop music, and with it an incredible opportunity to reach young children. Since their triumph at the Apollo, Black Violin has toured with Linkin Park’s lead singer Mike Shinoda throughout the country and abroad, performed at the NFL Kick off party with ‘Diddy’, performed at the Billboard Awards with Alicia Keys, been featured on Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Lil Kim, and Brooke Hogan’s albums, and has been giving an Award by the Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts for their Outstanding Contributions to Middle & High School Performing Arts Students. Kev Marcus, and Wil b, both graduates of Dillard Performing Arts High School, used their musical talents to earn full scholarships to college. Now Black Violin wants to make sure that America’s young people get the same exposure to the arts, and therefore the same opportunity that they did.” –

these guys have already done great things artistically and socially, always giving back to the community. who said classical music had to be boring!? not Black Violin, so check out their debut album, and if you like it snatch it off iTunes manee, don’t cheat them out of the money fam.


artist spotlight – janelle monáe

August 7, 2008

as part of my ambition to give my audience the scoop and update the community with anything worth noting, i have started this series of posts that introduces rising artists, no matter their genre. i want to throw out the best of the best that seem to be on their constant grind when it comes to their craft; therefore, they deserve to be recognized and encouraged.

with that being said i feel i should debut the series with this futuristic eargasmic female that goes by the name of janelle monáe. she’s not like the rest of the current female r&b artists, or whatever genre she may seem to claim [afro-punk], she attempts to take a different approach to her music. just being genuine with how she feels and what she does, her music tells stories! mr. wayne may claim to be a martian, but this chick, janelle, is naturally out of this world…and let me tell you how. she imagines, yes she imagines, an alternate universe in which robots fall in love with humans.

“Suspend disbelief for a moment, as you’re dropped mid-pursuit into a soaring sci-fi soundtrack. The lush orchestration experiments with elements of musical theater, funk and the dirty south. At one moment, Monáe’s voice takes on the metallic trill of Shirley Bassey, the next she’s an ethereal siren, followed by a bluesy soothsayer. “No alter ego for me, this android definitely exists,” says Monáe of Cindi Mayweather, the heroine of The Chase. Mayweather, she explains, is an “Alpha Platinum 9000 android.” She is on the run because she’s fallen in love with a human being, a situation that is verboten in the future landscape of Metropolis.” –

that is pretty much how ms. monáe imagines her make-belief world that she has used throughout her life. this young lady grew up in kansas city, kansas with her family but her childhood faced rough times due to her drug addicted father. there were certain periods in her life when her family struggled which were reasons why ms. monáe felt like creating her own perplexed world in a different realm and when things didn’t go her way in the big apple she packed her bags and flew to the netherlands. however, she eventually landed herself in the a where she felt she could start a movement in the area where her chief role models, outkast, started their own careers. *and of late 2007, ms. monáe had signed with diddy’s bad boy records, diddy saying it was a huge move!* but i feel janelle most definitely on trying to start over, to live life differently, as i onced imagined and using this unique angle in her music has landed her in front of me. i don’t even remember who or what put me onto janelle monáe but i’m glad they did it because she will be a name to know in a few years, mark me on it. her voice is soothing, she sings a story, and you can’t hate her cause what she does is admirable. i had her laying around in my itunes for too long and one day i had an instant eargasm, i then realized that i had to become a janelle monáe enthusiast, pronto! so i’m throwing up some loosies and her debut album, the audition.

*update 08.07.08: my man supanovi put me on and i realized i should throw you guys her first suite [part] of the chase – Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase. she came up with this idea to be able to throw consistent fire towards the itunes community by giving a little bit of something to keep her audience in awe and be ready for the next suite and on august 12 the chase (special edition) will be released, so stay tuned for that*

listen up! [cindi – party girl – my favorite nothing]

Janelle Monáe’s The Audition