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Picture this.

August 12, 2009

you’re in a rush in a major city, tryna catch your show [imagine something like a kidcudi, n-e-r-d, and lupe type stint, so you aint tryna be late]. you’re weaving in and out of the city people, lookin’ extra chris henry like. in-and-out, in-and-out, you can’t be touched, yet you’re a few blocks away from the showplace. you hit one street light, and get back on the sidewalk and there’s this huge woman, the size of roseanne from the ’90s, cot damn! she jus messed up your whole flow, she doesn’t know you’re behind her, but it seems that every move you make she counter-acts and simply isn’t tryna let you catch this show. you aren’t a rude person, nor a mean person, but you’re about to be late to a great ass show.

how you goin’ act?