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Dat New New- banner.

August 17, 2009


as you can see we got a new banner up, with the help of my mans Jaylen. this dude is the definition of an artist- he’s a graphic designer, music producer, rapper; an artistic visonary. so make sure you stay on the look for dude’s productions, whether it be graphics or music, or whadever this guy finds to do in his spare time. tell me how you feel about the new banner, it was kind of a collabo (95% him, 5% me), i just re-installed Photoshop and looking to do damage too. I also just became something like the intern at a fashion line from some dudes around my way, so peep the site and buy something dogg!



August 9, 2009

i’m back from a 9-day vacation, or something like that. i’ve been across north america, from the south to the midwest (north carolina > georgia > iowa). not a very exciting vacation, but very peaceful and relaxing, i was able to put my eyes on the fastest kids on America, no joke. i’m almost up there, but not quite.

i visited wake forest, loved it.
i had a brief stint in atlanta to see a little wedding, saw some of the southest finest chicks.
then went on a seven day hiatus in the mid-west, in the deadest of dead states- Iowa, lol.

pics from each location:

wake forestyour finest champagne please.they learn early dogg.need some ice for that burn?baseball park


stressful times

July 24, 2009
i need a vacation

i need a vacation

analyze the picture- a beeter, looking like my only fashion possession. extra rough hair, still wavy as ever though, and the thickest lambchops you’ve seen since ’73, grief. the only thing i got going for myself is that gold cross, glorifying my mane Jesus Christ, boyy do I need him.

manee, every night this is the emotion found on my face. not sad, not really frustrated, just tired. i thought this summer break would give me the time i needed for sleep and catching up on ME time, work on the team of ME (shout-outs to Roscoe Jenkins). the past couple of weeks, i’ve had everything but sleep or relax time dogg. i wake up in the morning with that face on, and i go to bed every night with that face on. i need time to catch-up with my damn self fam!

i got AAU nationals in a week in Iowa, congratulate ya boy, doing huge things on the track front. who woulda thought i would be going across nation to hittup the potatoe state (sike, that’s idaho). anywhoo, i mean who else feels that they just need a vacation. i got a little over a month left till i start my senior year at the reach, i’m kinda boosted for it, but i haven’t been able to fufill my summer goals yet!

  • make money (i’m working 40hr weeks, and i have no idea where the cheese is at!?)
  • make explorations in different cities- philly, nyc, norfolk, anything around my area, i just don’t have the time for it
  • start some college applications/essays (nah, that’s not happening anytime soon…why kidd myself)
  • stoke up the wardrobe (without cheese i can’t even do that)

if anyone has any suggestions for me, to be less stressed, less tired, and make money somehow…let me know, fast!


new to flickr

July 22, 2009

i just got this new camera, thought i’d put it to action today when I could.
my life through pictures of food, let’s go!

secluded in the whip, snackin' very hard

the meal that was crushed in the whip- lunchbreak.

the meal that was crushed in the whip- lunchbreak.

a place i dont want to be stuck in :^|

a place i don't want to be stuck in :^|

my best chick companion

my best chick companion

whats wrong dude?

what's wrong dude?


Oh I’m Fine, Thanks For Asking!

July 20, 2009

marco polo.

wow, it’s been a while, about 8 months to be exact. but your dude shay is back in the form of a keyboard ready to let the world know about his life. I’ve been to the moon and back, trying to keep my academics in order, my money fat, and my social life extra wreckless.

i’m in “The Office,” right now, similar to the show with Steve Carrell but filled with black women, old black women. I’m not complaining because these are probably the funniest people i’ve ever met in my life and they have children my age, if not older than I. whoaa, it’s great manee. i’m on this lunch break, utilizing every second and minute of it before i have to get back to work…

twitter at work

haha, don’t clown me cause i’m on twitter, but there’s nothing better to do so tweet me at

i’m gonna have everything for the public: music, videos, opinions, rambles, life stories, + more. i’m back at it again, we outcheaa!


8.23.08 [nyc excursion]

August 23, 2008

throughout this whole summer my money has been running away from me and in return i have received some crazy products, but i must say i had a very productive trip to NYC yesterday. i asked many people for the best shops in manhattan and i promptly tried to visit them all but was unable to, but the shops i did end up going to were great: flightclub ny, supreme [had nothing for me], nort/recon, clientele, premium laces, uniqlo,  and union. all those stores had something great to offer and i tried to leave a mark at each one by either scooping a tee or snatching a sticker for my laptop. but i left new york yesterday with great products: nike air structure triax ’91s, subware tees [recon], a clientele tee, a kingstampede tee [union] and then stickers from supreme and recon. as shown below-
wow. i gotta show love for NYC because the area is great, it’s such a vibrant city, i need it in my life real soon for take #2 of NYC excursion.
new york is me [random pics]-


living life differently.

August 6, 2008

it’s a wish we all hope for at one point or another, to live life differently. to rewind our life just by a few minutes, or hours, and just alter something minor that could affect something major. but what if you could change your whole history, your whole life. just being able to say “you know what i’m done with this life scenario, let’s move on to something new and get a fresh start.” if only they had some type of baked beans that could just reset my life, you know.

but if i had my choice of living a totally different life i’d have hoped to be edward scissorhands.
before you start asking me serious questions like “how do you have an even faint recollection of such a character?” man let me tell you that mr. scissorhands was a great guy! he was an oddball, but nonetheless the man was a legend, he had no hands; however, he had scissors in there place. scissors for hands, yah that’s great, how was he even able to live life for that long! i’d take it anyday, minus certain scenarios that you guys may venture on for yourselves, but i somehow remember that the guy even had different sets of knives or tools that he could just interlock into his non-existent hands, or was that just one of my many dreams? this guy edward scissorhands was beast-like, had the shy-guy mentality that drove the chicks wild and had that creepy background persona that had him placed as an outcast. check that face, it’s priceless, no girl with a heart could refuse to love him [no brokeback, rip heath]. and that body suit, oh gawd it’s necessary! it’s like a michael jackson re-up dream jacket seen at almost every one of his major concerts or events, i love it, i love it, i love it!

i won’t lie, i don’t remember half the plot of the movie or anything like it. i’m searching through IMDb and wikipedia as i type this to recall some major events in the story… okay so i can pretty much narrow the plot down to he was hated by most, but maintained a stable fan club of women. that is all i need, a few haters to ensure that i’m doing me at all costs all too perfectly as well as an intense fan club compromised of a select few.

it’s just a daily thought, something that was picking at my brain.