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i see you lookin’ at my foots.

August 17, 2009

betcha never seen these ones.

a lil’ bit of my collection, it’s abysmal compared to most sneakerheads. i’m tryna boost it though, not with the flashy, look-at-me shit, but with the chill type joints. i’m all about ease this year, so my kickz are gonna reflect it. soo help me get my bank game proper so i can do that manee! =)



August 17, 2009


by now we should all know that yesterday Bow Wow (bka Lil’ Bow Wow) has been #signedtoyoungmoney. that’s a bit of a surprised to everyone, especially to me seeing that Bow Wow said he was looking to retire from the game. in the past few years, Bow Wow has had duo hit singles with Chris Beat’er-down, Soulja Boy, Omarion, Ciara, J’Kown, Jermaine Dupri, and the list goes on.

but personally, I think homeboy has slipped off his musical career since he dropped the “Lil'” from his name, I thought that was an essential part of dude’s musical persona. he had chicks and dudes wildin’ over his music, and even had a little feud with Lil’ Romeo in their day (that freestyle battle was crucial, Romeo broke him down). If you remember Lil’ Bow Wow in the “Hardball” music video, you could tell he was at the height of his career; everything was going his way he had “Like Mike” coming out the next year, and he just realesed Doggy Bag, which got pretty high on the charts.

recently, i don’t think Bow Wow’s music has been as good as it was when I was kid, but his film career as been stellarRoll Bounce, Johnson Family Vacation, and Tokyo Drift. I thought they were all pretty good films.

back to the signing though, it seems like Wayne his holding everyone down like paperweights, tryin’ to boost their career especially Omarion and Bow Wow. but we’ll see how Young Money acts with all these new signings, they should be great if they lettem release an album (shout-outs to Curren$y).


my telecommunication device

August 10, 2009

blackberryi love my blackberry, yzr I do. I love my blackberry, how ’bout you?

shout-outs to my blackberry fam, we don’t bangs with the iPhones.
hit me for my bbm info, let’s go!


college admission

August 9, 2009

it’s a little early, but i have always been told the early bird gets the worm- so i’m going one up on these college essays. i had a full summer, with a lot to do, but i’ve been able to squek a couple of drafts of my general essay for the numerous colleges i’m goin in on.

here’s my top 1o, tell me if you’re interested in any- Georgetown, Villanova, Boston College, Wake Forest, UPenn, NYU/Columbia (one of the two), George Washington, UNC- Chapel Hill, UMD- CP, and Hampton.
i’m looking to do a double major in International Relations and Business Management, a compact duo that will never leave me hungry.

an important factor with these colleges are their mascots, peep Drake’s Bulldog-

drake's bulldog

i feel as if the college admissions process is gonna be real tough for me, but i’m starting early so I have times to relax during the year. i got much to do to build this resume for colleges, putting my all into everything i might be found doing, so colleges can learn to appreciate this afrodisiac-type brother.



August 9, 2009

i’m back from a 9-day vacation, or something like that. i’ve been across north america, from the south to the midwest (north carolina > georgia > iowa). not a very exciting vacation, but very peaceful and relaxing, i was able to put my eyes on the fastest kids on America, no joke. i’m almost up there, but not quite.

i visited wake forest, loved it.
i had a brief stint in atlanta to see a little wedding, saw some of the southest finest chicks.
then went on a seven day hiatus in the mid-west, in the deadest of dead states- Iowa, lol.

pics from each location:

wake forestyour finest champagne please.they learn early dogg.need some ice for that burn?baseball park


stressful times

July 24, 2009
i need a vacation

i need a vacation

analyze the picture- a beeter, looking like my only fashion possession. extra rough hair, still wavy as ever though, and the thickest lambchops you’ve seen since ’73, grief. the only thing i got going for myself is that gold cross, glorifying my mane Jesus Christ, boyy do I need him.

manee, every night this is the emotion found on my face. not sad, not really frustrated, just tired. i thought this summer break would give me the time i needed for sleep and catching up on ME time, work on the team of ME (shout-outs to Roscoe Jenkins). the past couple of weeks, i’ve had everything but sleep or relax time dogg. i wake up in the morning with that face on, and i go to bed every night with that face on. i need time to catch-up with my damn self fam!

i got AAU nationals in a week in Iowa, congratulate ya boy, doing huge things on the track front. who woulda thought i would be going across nation to hittup the potatoe state (sike, that’s idaho). anywhoo, i mean who else feels that they just need a vacation. i got a little over a month left till i start my senior year at the reach, i’m kinda boosted for it, but i haven’t been able to fufill my summer goals yet!

  • make money (i’m working 40hr weeks, and i have no idea where the cheese is at!?)
  • make explorations in different cities- philly, nyc, norfolk, anything around my area, i just don’t have the time for it
  • start some college applications/essays (nah, that’s not happening anytime soon…why kidd myself)
  • stoke up the wardrobe (without cheese i can’t even do that)

if anyone has any suggestions for me, to be less stressed, less tired, and make money somehow…let me know, fast!


night in the city

July 24, 2009
i got love for the city manee

i got love for the city manee

i’ve never really showed appreciation for the “city” known more frequently as baltimore. i’ve always expressed displeasure with baltimore for their extreme roughness, extreme crack usership-ness, and extreme slang that no one can comprehend, i never tried to understand it really. but this past summer, i’ve been in/around the city more than ever, and i love it manee. i’ve met the wildest people known to the globe in the city, just how they live life is great. they don’t waste a second to get a thrill.

i don’t know what exactly i tried to hate about baltimore, maybe its cause i’m just a DC enthusiast to the fullest, who knows. but i have a greater appreciation for the city now, it’s never sleeping (f*ck NYC), always something to do, always someone to talk to, it ain’t dyin’ manee. i used to strictly experience baltimore through The Wire, ranking as one of the best urban television series to hit HBO and to my surprise, the show portrays exactly how the inner-city of baltimore is, no joke. i’ve seen sh!t go down, and it goes down dogg. i’ve tried to shake off, failure. i’ve tried to comprehend their unique lingo, near fail. and i’m still tryna paint a map of the inner-city streets in my mind, and its going pretty well.

but real talk, i think i love the city, and i’m not losing any type of love for DC- i can get to my two favorite cities off one road 95! whoaa we outcheaa!