i see you lookin’ at my foots.

August 17, 2009

betcha never seen these ones.

a lil’ bit of my collection, it’s abysmal compared to most sneakerheads. i’m tryna boost it though, not with the flashy, look-at-me shit, but with the chill type joints. i’m all about ease this year, so my kickz are gonna reflect it. soo help me get my bank game proper so i can do that manee! =)


  1. oh man, where are all my other shoes hidin’ at!?

  2. Nike Air Structure LE…COPPED. That should be your next pickup. That is all.

  3. i want black on black chukka boots bad, who in the area is selling the structures though?

  4. major lol they have every pair of triaxes in stock except the OG colorway. but the highs are fire. i had to get em

  5. yah I think I saw the high-tops at Major this weekend, i’m going back in a few weekends to get more shit

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