college admission

August 9, 2009

it’s a little early, but i have always been told the early bird gets the worm- so i’m going one up on these college essays. i had a full summer, with a lot to do, but i’ve been able to squek a couple of drafts of my general essay for the numerous colleges i’m goin in on.

here’s my top 1o, tell me if you’re interested in any- Georgetown, Villanova, Boston College, Wake Forest, UPenn, NYU/Columbia (one of the two), George Washington, UNC- Chapel Hill, UMD- CP, and Hampton.
i’m looking to do a double major in International Relations and Business Management, a compact duo that will never leave me hungry.

an important factor with these colleges are their mascots, peep Drake’s Bulldog-

drake's bulldog

i feel as if the college admissions process is gonna be real tough for me, but i’m starting early so I have times to relax during the year. i got much to do to build this resume for colleges, putting my all into everything i might be found doing, so colleges can learn to appreciate this afrodisiac-type brother.


  1. i know a girl that’s going to chapel hill for international relations…so that school is a good look for that yo! im feelin’ columbia && you know how we may be potential bc eagles! 🙂

  2. the BC eagles is lookin like a strong power move for me lol, but yeah, i really want to get into that international relations major.

  3. great suggestions!

    want even more information and tips on how to write compelling college admissions essays?

    check out my blog, which is exclusively on how to write these dreaded essays:


    good luck!

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