artist spotlight: i present you with- Black Violin

July 21, 2009

black violin
wow, a few days ago I was put on to this enthusiastic duo via twitter from an ol’ EXPLO buddy. she simply described them as those “responsible for most sweet backbeats in rap, now coming into their own. check ’em out. 2 dudes with hip hop violins,” i saw that and had no idea what i was getting myself into with this download. however, they were highly recommended and i was getting tweets about them all over the ‘tworld. i tried to analyze her phrase “hip hop violins,” i knew violins were incorporated in many urban type tracks these days, but i hadn’t a clue what a hip-hop violin was, it baffled me.

but as soon as i heard “Fanfare” off their debut album Black Violin, i understood what a hip-hop violin was, it’s a distinct instrument with its own musical flavor that could only be explained through expression, never words.

i checked their site out and looked up their bio, thought i’d let yall know a little about the two- Will B and Kev Marcus.

“On May 21st 2005 Black Violin, two classically trained musicians took home the title ‘2005 Apollo Legends’ which catapulted them to international fame. These two gentlemen, Kev Marcus and Wil B along with their DJ TK have created the ultimate synergy between classical and Hip-Hop music, and with it an incredible opportunity to reach young children. Since their triumph at the Apollo, Black Violin has toured with Linkin Park’s lead singer Mike Shinoda throughout the country and abroad, performed at the NFL Kick off party with ‘Diddy’, performed at the Billboard Awards with Alicia Keys, been featured on Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Lil Kim, and Brooke Hogan’s albums, and has been giving an Award by the Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts for their Outstanding Contributions to Middle & High School Performing Arts Students. Kev Marcus, and Wil b, both graduates of Dillard Performing Arts High School, used their musical talents to earn full scholarships to college. Now Black Violin wants to make sure that America’s young people get the same exposure to the arts, and therefore the same opportunity that they did.” –lastfm.com

these guys have already done great things artistically and socially, always giving back to the community. who said classical music had to be boring!? not Black Violin, so check out their debut album, and if you like it snatch it off iTunes manee, don’t cheat them out of the money fam.


  1. try miri ben-ari, she’s great. 🙂

  2. that Rock With You was ON POINT!

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