Housewarming Gifts.

July 20, 2009

i’ve moved back home (the blog), and instead of receiving housewarming gifts, i thought i’d give one to the public.

the movie Adventureland, what tempted me to watch this film, I have no idea. but i don’t regret it one bit, it kept me up for hours and interested. we see a couple of known actors/actresses including- Ryan Reynolds and home-girl from Twilight, Kristen Stewart.

[pause] I want to talk about Kristen Stewart real quick, she’s so weird. weird, but cool at the same time. she takes these indepth roles in various movies, why? i’m not sure, but she’s perfect for them. and then i heard she was fumbling her words and award at the MTV VMAs, wow clumsy and ackward, but i love it. she’s been in a couple of hit films since her stardom, and i never realized it…i need more!

soo anyways, hot summer days can get boring, so take an hour or two off and watch Adventureland
you’ll love it, i wouldn’t lie to you. hopefully that’s a satisfactory housewarming gift for the public, i’ll have more stuff for you tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for sharing the information on housewarming gifts. Everything looks perfect on your blog.

  2. This is called Zombieland in the UK – might be worth adding that to the original post.

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