top 5 paparnazi’s

September 18, 2008

due to the recent hype over Kanye’s arrest for a confrontation with him and a paparazzi, i felt that another top 5 countdown post was essential for the public, naming the top 5 paparnazi throw downs. paparazzi’s have a way of just taking pictures of celebrities at the wrong time, and most of the time they are brutally slapped with something other than that million-dollar photo they were looking for. it gets rough out there, but let’s get to the countdown:

number(5)  britney spears.
an angered brit-brit lashes out at a paparazzi after he gets a little too close, when she is already a little heated. any man looking to get a picture of britney in this phase of her life [bald-headed eagle status], is like a warrior going into a battle with no support, who knows what’ll happen. she threw up the craziest faces at the camera and gave a mean swing into those windows, wow!

number(4)  bjork.
never heard this name, Bjork, in my life until i saw this video. i’m not sure what provoked her to start wailing away at that reporter, but it sure as hell set her off. and you can tell she was definitely planning this in her mind, check that menacing face before she goes off, you thought she was relaxed, nuh-uh! the best thing about it was that you could hear ms. bjork getting hit by that microphone a couple of times, but it took no effect on her. that reporter got it bad!

number(3) brad and angelina.

although the couple weren’t actually involved in the paparazzi scuffle, brangeline’s security guard gave those camo’ed up photographers the works of their lives. in fact, they were so worked that one of the paparazzi stated this, “I was pouring blood. I threw myself at them, put blood all over them, and told them that I had HIV so they would stop hitting me.” those security dudes must have roughed ’em up bad mayne, dudes were dripping a purplish-red from head to toe. i think it would be worth it, to get that much closer to ms. fat-lips!

number(2) gary coleman.
gary coleman’s life has been congested with up’s and extreme down’s, right now his life is in a crucial depression, similar to what the US economy may be facing sometime soon. coleman had a little altercation at one of his local bowling alleys, a fan snapped a couple of pics of mr. coleman with his cell phone, which he obviously wasn’t too cheerful about. the arguement moved from the alley to the parking lot, where 4’8 gary hit a car, and brought down the photo-happy fan down with it. but don’t blame gary for this one, he is just rolling through harsh times, it simply wasn’t his fault [what!?]

number(1) sean penn.
probably one of the most memorable paparnazi moments, so memorable it’s been coined to throw a “sean penn” on a paparazzi these days. what happened was simple, back in 1986 sean penn had a long, strenuous day on the set filming one of his movies in China. entering his hotelroom he finds a paparazzi flashing away at his life, the next second penn had that guy dangling from his ankles from the balcony…on floor 9. yzr, that guy saw his life flash before his eyes. penn was charged then later broke out of prison [prisonbreak shoutouts] and fleed the country; therefore, being acquitted. so you celebrities learn to throw a “sean penn” especially ‘ye!



  1. omg this is intense.
    the bjork was the funniest by far though.
    the reporter got a couplea swings in before she was taken down!! i guess this is what celebs do when they are either low on cash or pretty freakin BORED.

  2. wow. gotta check out that sean penn joint somehow, or read more about it. he’s the guy from carlito’s way, right?

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