our economy.

September 17, 2008


this is how i looked when i looked at the news each morning this week, first bank of america buys out merril-lync and now AIG nearly dunzo.



  1. yeah man this is not cool…at all…
    we’re about to have another depression…like no joke…

  2. hell yah, it’s coming fast.
    and i truly don’t want to be around when it goes down

  3. omgg… just add tears and that pict is mine too.
    my stock portfolio is TRULY suffering.
    fannie mae and freddy mac, and w/e else has been just DONE. im not sure if its technically a recession… because the GDP has not been negative for more than 3? (i think is the rule) quarters but were damn close… but today is deff the 1 good day outta 12908523905 bad ones.
    ($INDU 10,634.33 +24.67 (+0.23%)
    NASDAQ 2,104.63 +5.78 (+0.28%)
    SP500 1,159.23 +2.84 (+0.25%)
    yay! 🙂

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