latarian milton

August 29, 2008

latarian (la-TAR-ian) milton has been something like a household name since last spring, when he went on a short joy-ride with his friend who smokes with newport cigerettes. this may not seem interesting but realize that this kid is only seven years old. he’s been on and off the press, probably the hottest child celebrity at the moment he’s fire. i have heard this kids name way too many times on different occurences for a variety of reasons. first the legendary joyride to be similar to a hoodrat, and then a crucial beating on his grandmother, who happened to have owned that vehicle that mr. milton smashed up, over walmart chicken wings and due to his heroic tale he has been interviewed by a radio show, spreading his fame.

latarian milton instance #1-

latarian milton instance #2-
chicken wang massa!

latarian milton instance #3-
he’s famous, he get’s big time interviews. latarian is the man!



  1. he had to be black.
    if it was a white boy they would say he was goin threw things.but they had to have him up there sayin i wana be a hoodrat.

    bring in obama

  2. omg this kid’s events are INTENSE!
    he does these ‘hood rat’ activities,
    at the mere age of seven, then walks with
    a swagger and a carefree attitude as if these
    events weren’t outta the ordinary. i admire this
    child, and would love to be his best friend!!

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