08.12.08 update

August 12, 2008

i had a great post lined up for the public today, episode one of the in-crowd chronicles: a series offering guide to invade the incrowd. but my laziness prevailed so the viewers have to wait another twenty four hours to be blessed by my impeccable writing. so today i’ll just update you on my daily moves and pickups.

i woke up at excactly 8.34 am due to the constant texting to my blackberry [by the way i love that epic device] and i got on my daily grind, i began voyage for a new gym so i could get a preview into that new health + fitness plan that i had planned to commence on August 18, 2008 and i’m keeping my word on it, so stay tuned for body updates, lol. so i checked out the local YMCA that was just recently opened, no membership or anything. how i got in, no one really knows but i got to experience their facilitiy. not a bad place i may have to catch a membership for my three[x] a week fitness expidenture, so i did a little work out up there and got a few drops of sweat and felt proud of myself =]. from then i made a major move to the mall to eat and look around and scoop a couple of necessary components to my life.

old navy cargo shorts x old navy white tees x levi jeans x northface wasatch

if you aren’t jocking old navy, then you aren’t living ya life correctly, plain and simple. so i got all that today and then did a quick track workout to keep my game on point, i’m going big next year anticipate it. and i must shout out that janelle monae’s special edition of the chase came out today so i need you all to grab it at your local cd store or on itunes, like i did with this $10 itunes card that i was hooked up with for catching that wasatch northface, i’m loved. so that’s all i have for you today but definitely stay tuned for that in crowd chronicles that should be hitting the firefox screen tomorrow!



  1. god damn shawty u keep buyin shit man!

  2. i know mayne it’s a terrible habit, i need to start saving cash in case i get into some real shitt.

  3. old navy fucking rocks! finally somebody who agrees with me.

  4. actually i was thinkin about investin in a black berry!
    it looks pretty flyyy.
    and you’re exactly right.
    old navy is where i got a
    majority of my summer nesessities (dress, flip flops, etc)
    sounds like a fun day! 🙂 ahahha

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