six-figure, money-maker.

August 11, 2008

i saw this ferrari today in DC and it made me want to reflect on a lot of things and think about my lifetime goals. the school year is around the corner and i realized that i need to step my game up in life, period. along with getting a high GPA , joining all school clubs, and racking up crazy amounts of community service this year, i threw up a new goal…to be making a minimum of six-figures. i need to live large and the largest people have money to throw around like it’s water. so that’ll be me whether you want it or not, and with money comes fame, so i need to be famous too. be on the lookout for me doing huge things to get an inch closer to fame, we need more black celebrities and for legit reasons, we are losing too many great blacks [rip bernie mac].

during my DC excursion yesterday i realized that i didn’t have the appropriate cashflow to purchase everything that i truly desired. i wasn’t comfortable with that situation at all, it kind of urked me, like those kids at camp. so yett another wonderful plan of mine had emerged to the surface: the six-figure, money-maker blueprint. i’ll be doing everything in my power so i am able to walk in the club looking like that guy and breaking out into this song-
while throwing twenties at the most wholesome looking chicks.

so this is my goal and it needs to be reached by the age of 30, before my hair starts receding, that’s just not cool. however, in order for me to embark on this mission, i need donations from everyone! lol gottem.


  1. damn cuz, all the shit you bought yestday looked hella nice and expensive, how much does yo damn camp pay

  2. 8.50/hour it doesn’t seem like enough when i’m taking care of all them kidz though

  3. i think i saw tha same ferrari wen i was in DC yesterday lol.

    not even joking it was swirving through traffic

  4. that gud that u wanna hav money to buy cool stuff but i think u cud still hav a fufilling life without havin loads of money and bein famous

  5. i actually saw the exact same car. twice. on the exact same day. there’s only so many apple red ‘rarri’s cruising the streets of bethesda.

    actually, there could be several. but still, though. i bet it was the same joint.

  6. […] been on my mind is the need to have a guy like this in my life- well when i am able to achieve that six-figure, moneymaker plan. every celebrity has something special, like some insane type of dog, or a pony, or something […]

  7. I saw that same Ferrari here in London, UK.

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