the perfect plan – [operation: get it big!]

August 8, 2008

i am a small man, as well as a lazy man. and i need this to change immediately, and if i’m going to be short for the rest of my life i need to be cock diesel. i need to have something the girls will crave over, i need muscles like mr. incredible. so i have developed the perfect [health and fitness] plan that should get me looking like this kid in a couple of months, possibly years.

i need all that, minus(-) the split. i don’t know that guy’s name nor his region, but he is going to be somewhat of my role-model until i can walk on the beach or at the pool and have all eyes on me. i need to be a show stopper and with this newly formed plan i should get there. here me out: minimum of 3 days a week at the gym, no matter what gym, 150 sit-ups a day, attempt to at least eat one well balanced meal a day, and chop my sugar-intake by narrowing myself to two sodas a week [a week being 7 days]. by this time next year i need to be huge!

before information- height: 5.7 weight: 140 max. bench press: 165 [on a good day]
i need to boost all these numbers!

that’s my before picture, i’m anticipating an impeccable transformation.

i’m going to update this particular post every 3 months to give my audience updates on my progress and to make sure i don’t slack, but i need everyone’s support! i will be eating nutrigrain bars until my kidneys pop, i’m going to have intense protein shakes, i’m going to eat anything to keep my diet on point. i will be at my local gym cranking out all weights so my body looks great while it glistens in sweat, feel meh?

this perfect plan will commence on August 11, 2008. August 18, 2008.



  1. yeah.. i know what you mean.. im tryin to muscle up too. do work sir!

  2. You’ve inspiried me lol 🙂

  3. SHAY YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORK OUT LOOK AT THOSE GUNS. also you cannot boost your height, obv

  4. so you wanna have a body like me huh?

  5. i try and do what needs to be done, and ms. morgan those gunz are staged… it’s a common photo trick where the attractive man pushes the muscle against his arm to add additional bulge!

    and rodney boy, you need to hit this plan up with me cause we need to get that ideal sprinter body, like tyson gay cut

  6. okay .. just don’t kill yourself!

  7. I just got a lifetime membership, so 3 days a week is gonna be no prob for you, since you even work there. If ya want girls to only look at you just for the looks, expect a girl who’s got nothing but looks, too… and those get boring after a while, ya diggg

  8. ayyyyyy ill do tht shit 2 cus i ain gon let yo asss get stronger den me

  9. so u tell me to check blog and this is wat i find. come on seun

  10. to make the poster just do this.

    google rasterbator and click the first site and it will show up.

    make sure you pick the 7mm dots when you do it.

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  12. […] and i got on my daily grind, i began voyage for a new gym so i could get a preview into that new health + fitness plan that i had planned to commence on August 18, 2008 and i’m keeping my word on it, so stay […]

  13. ha lol…..thats a pretty nice plan u got there..lets see if you follow through lol

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