living life differently.

August 6, 2008

it’s a wish we all hope for at one point or another, to live life differently. to rewind our life just by a few minutes, or hours, and just alter something minor that could affect something major. but what if you could change your whole history, your whole life. just being able to say “you know what i’m done with this life scenario, let’s move on to something new and get a fresh start.” if only they had some type of baked beans that could just reset my life, you know.

but if i had my choice of living a totally different life i’d have hoped to be edward scissorhands.
before you start asking me serious questions like “how do you have an even faint recollection of such a character?” man let me tell you that mr. scissorhands was a great guy! he was an oddball, but nonetheless the man was a legend, he had no hands; however, he had scissors in there place. scissors for hands, yah that’s great, how was he even able to live life for that long! i’d take it anyday, minus certain scenarios that you guys may venture on for yourselves, but i somehow remember that the guy even had different sets of knives or tools that he could just interlock into his non-existent hands, or was that just one of my many dreams? this guy edward scissorhands was beast-like, had the shy-guy mentality that drove the chicks wild and had that creepy background persona that had him placed as an outcast. check that face, it’s priceless, no girl with a heart could refuse to love him [no brokeback, rip heath]. and that body suit, oh gawd it’s necessary! it’s like a michael jackson re-up dream jacket seen at almost every one of his major concerts or events, i love it, i love it, i love it!

i won’t lie, i don’t remember half the plot of the movie or anything like it. i’m searching through IMDb and wikipedia as i type this to recall some major events in the story… okay so i can pretty much narrow the plot down to he was hated by most, but maintained a stable fan club of women. that is all i need, a few haters to ensure that i’m doing me at all costs all too perfectly as well as an intense fan club compromised of a select few.

it’s just a daily thought, something that was picking at my brain.


  1. i didn’t read any of that but wow i never realized you got a new blog, haha. i literally haven’t looked at the got fresh one for months and all of a sudden i see your status with this link in it.
    why the change?

  2. you should definitely read this post, or “the love bomb.”
    well i felt like riding solo for a bit, doing my own personal thing, so i could basically write about anything…feel me?

  3. okay okay i see. and yeah, i’ll read it tomorrow, because i have a hard time reading things when there are so many tiny-sized words in one little space (similar to what we call books).

  4. i love that movie…i thought it was a bit strange at first. and i thought i was the only one who would actually watch it…

  5. Not sure who Scissorhands is, but wasn’t that Freddie Crueger off Elm Street? I must be confusing him with this guy. Never knew you had a dark side, Shay!

  6. […] outkast, started their own careers. i feel janelle most definitely on trying to start over, to live life differently, as i onced imagined and using this unique angle in her music has landed her in front of me. i […]

  7. nozr. that is johny depp my man and that movie was great, it wasn’t even dark-natured or anything like that, simply fantastic though!

    i have to re-watch this movie because i remember it being monumental

  8. yeaaaah. i just saw that movie on the plane. it was monumental. edward meant well. even left civilization because he knew it would be better for everybody. he was just looking for love.

  9. […] diddy saying it was a huge move!* but i feel janelle most definitely on trying to start over, to live life differently, as i onced imagined and using this unique angle in her music has landed her in front of me. i […]

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