rodney king baby, yah i beat it like a cop!

August 5, 2008

for some reason i feel like analyzing weezy’s lyrics because i’m a music fanatic like that…i’m not ranked #1 in my network for best taste in music for no reason. my cousin had a thorough breakdown of a “goon to a goblin”. so i thought i’d take the time out of my day to bless my viewers with a few lyrics seen to have referenced the community by wizzle f. [for the english-heads, what is the literary device referencing a time in history or other literature?] but really, wayne is seen as one of the greatest lyricists of all-time and i can cosign my heart out on it, the similes, the content in his music…it’s great! but for those ignorant enough not to know the story of rodney king, let me explain it to you. rodney king was an LA man brutally rocked by the LAPD for simply speeding. it was back in ’91 when things were real serious in south central los angeles dealing with police brutality, racial tensions, etc. you can probably name the rest yourself. what outraged the people was that 3 of the 4 policeman involved in the event were acquitted while one was convicted, the city of angels broke down into riots where casualties amounted. let’s just say it was a rough time period. so now you can comprehend the lyrics of wayne saying rodney king baby, yah i beat it like a cop! musta given some chick the works [no brokeback, rip heath].

i don’t try and dogg my own people, but this rodney king guy was not the perfect example of an law-abiding citizen…troubles preceding the incident:
-arrested for spousal assault
-arrested for speeding/red ticket, the copps musta scared the blood outta him
-was shotgunned by two thieves trying to steal his bicycle


  1. I don’t understand how people feel like lil’ wayne’s reference to rodney king as a sexual joke is appropriate? it is disrespectful, i am absolutely appalled.

  2. a you mutha fucker i think yhis shirt is bull shit

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