The Opening…

August 2, 2008

it’s your boyy shay, back in the flesh. making a take-two on the blog scene, i wasn’t totally appreciative or even proud of my work on got fresh? – the blog. so i wanted to start from scratch, from the ground up, heres the clean slate of the IN-crowd. let’s roll into the topic of this new name the IN-crowd, well rewind to about 3 or 4 years ago when we were all in elementary/middle school phase of life trying to be part of that spectacular IN-crowd, but why? why did we aspire so much to be part of that group when our lives were perfectly fit the way they were, we were cool in our own way: collected pokemon cards, ate our sandwiches with no crust, and wore our power ranger light-up, velcro-strapped kickz with no complaints. why did we want to change for the benefit of our peers? well i’m not quite sure but i felt it necessary to incorporate all my viewers in this feeling of being in, no matter their status in life…

now that we have the name out of the way, let’s get into me, shay. some words to describe me by: [student]-[enthusiast]-[charming]-[intellectual]. feel free to agree or disagree, but that’s me in a few words

here is my blog, an internet recording of my daily thoughts on practically anything.


  1. good work on new blog about time lol and charmimg? pshhhh lol latahhh

  2. I Love It….much better than before not that it was horrible this one is a lot more relatable….good work…i think u stretched the truth on describing urself though lol ❤

  3. I am feeling this seun!

  4. uhhhh…GOLDFINGER??? devious…or how bout lex luthor??? bad guy-tastic!!!

  5. ahahahaa
    shayy this is pretty sickk brahh.
    i will look forward to reading this blog often.
    and im feelin the confidence factor with the self description, excellent job sir.

  6. well cuz im feelin this. keep up the good work =]

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